Find a furry friend looking for a home:


​1. Find a dog you are interested in on our Instagram, or view our feed below.

2. Send in an application and remember to include photos!

3. If you have a question about the adoption fee, please email  Adoptions start at $500 but can be more depending on breed, age and the dogs needs.

4. We read all applications and we will contact people for phone interviews within 24-48 hours.  While we read all applications, not everyone will be selected for a phone interview.

5. Once we do your phone interview, if you are approved, we will send you an invoice for the adoption fee.

6. Once the fee is paid, you will receive three documents through Docusign to finalize your adoption.

7. You will receive an approximate pick up date and time. This is based on a normal 2 week hold.  The date will change if there are any medical challenges that occur during this two week hold)

8. Pick up your puppy.


​1. All dogs receive a Wellness check from one or both of our vets!
2. We deworm all dogs and puppies immediately
3. All dogs will receive all shots appropriate to age.
4. All dogs will be treated for fleas and ticks
5. A grooming
6. All dogs will be spay or neutered and microchipped. IF YOUR DOG cannot be sterilized or chipped due to size, age or other health concerns, you will receive a voucher to have the procedures done at our vet.
** Please note that the voucher MUST be present when you go to the vet. The procedures MUST be done at our vet in order to be covered by us.  We will not refund, reimburse or deduct fees from adoption if you choose to have procedures done at your vet.
7. All dogs come with a bag of essentials! Bags usually include Food, treats, chews, tag and other goodies.  The contents vary as our sponsors change.



Monday-Friday:     7am-7pm
Saturday-Sunday:   9am-7pm


11939 Ventura Blvd

Studio City, CA 91604



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