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What you Need to Know When (and Before) Adopting a Puppy

Oh puppies!! Those eyes! Ohmygosh those sweet unassuming eyes!! Their floppy, uncoordinated and mushy little bodies! They’re ADORABLE!!! But how do you know if you’re truly prepared to bring this spritely little being into your home? We’re here to help you with that! Chances are your energetic pup isn’t yet housetrained and generally isn’t trained…

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How Adopting Senior Dogs Helps You and the Pup – More Than You Realise

For many of us, the idea of adopting a dog immediately has us thinking of cute little puppies. If you’re reading this you already know how utterly irresistible and adorable a puppy is. That being said, senior dogs are equally able to elicit feelings of pure joy, love, and all the mooshy-squooshy feelings that a…

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How Canines Improve your Mental Health and Well-Being

It has long been said that a dog is man’s best friend. We have yet to hear anyone argue on the contrary. But how do dogs improve one’s mental health and well-being? Other than being ridiculously cute, of course. Studies* have shown that having a dog helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. By having the…

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