How Adopting Senior Dogs Helps You and the Pup – More Than You Realise

For many of us, the idea of adopting a dog immediately has us thinking of cute little puppies. If you’re reading this you already know how utterly irresistible and adorable a puppy is. That being said, senior dogs are equally able to elicit feelings of pure joy, love, and all the mooshy-squooshy feelings that a puppy can. We promise!

What are the perks of adopting a senior dog, you ask? For starters, you can expect senior dogs to be housebroken and have some level of basic training. In many cases they’re training may even be more extensive – either way, they are typically more responsive to further training should you want to teach your ol’ dog some new tricks! Generally speaking, senior dogs have a much calmer demeanour and simply want your love, company, snuggles, and cuddles – can’t beat that!

While these are all ways YOU will benefit from adopting a sweet, loving senior dog…let’s think about the benefits for the pup! First of all, by welcoming this special being into your home, you will give him or her a loving, safe, and cozy home for the rest of his or her days – c’mon! Can’t get better than feeling the joy and satisfaction of that! A senior dog can also give you the companionship you’re looking for, without the stress of housetraining or general training, and most vaccinations will already be up to date! What a relief!! So, if a senior pup is right for you, we’ve got ‘em!