What you Need to Know When (and Before) Adopting a Puppy

Oh puppies!! Those eyes! Ohmygosh those sweet unassuming eyes!! Their floppy, uncoordinated and mushy little bodies! They’re ADORABLE!!! But how do you know if you’re truly prepared to bring this spritely little being into your home? We’re here to help you with that! Chances are your energetic pup isn’t yet housetrained and generally isn’t trained in much other than winning you over at every turn!

What you need BEFORE bringing home your puppy:

  • Pee pads!
  • A leash and harness (you’ll want the harness to fit snuggly so your puppy can’t slip out, but not too snug that s/he’s uncomfortable)
  • Appropriate puppy food (feel free to ask us what the puppy has been used to eating! Your vet may recommend something specific as well)
  • Toys!
  • A crate to keep your puppy (and your house) safe while you’re gone (Note: they can’t be left alone for more than just a few hours). Crates also help with housetraining. Crates are optional depending on your situation. Feel free to ask us about whether or not your new puppy will do best with a crate.
  • It’s safe to assume all puppies are adorable so the “big” question is – what size adult dog is ultimately right for you?
  • Type of coat may be something to consider. Is shedding a nuisance or part of the package for you?
  • Take care to puppy-proof your house to help keep your lil guy/gal safe! (e.g., wires/cables, chemicals – make sure they’re out of reach!)
  • Comfortable pair of walking shoes! (You’re really going to need these!)

What your puppy will need once you bring her/him home:

  • A trip to the vet!
  • Vaccines! Rabies vaccines are a must! Your vet will let you know what is still required once you bring your puppy in.
  • The state of California requires every dog have a license.
  • Training! All dogs need daily training from you! Some dogs will also require additional training (e.g., obedience, behavioral). There are great ways to train that are fun and rewarding for both you and your puppy! Be sure to keep it a positive experience for your adorable new family member! P.S. Training is a great way to improve your bond together!

Things to keep in mind with your new puppy:

  • Remember, they are babies! They may wake you up in the middle of the night to pee or play!
  • Be careful to not let them play too hard as they’re little bones are still developing.

Most of all…get ready to enjoy your furry new family member and have a slew of photos to constantly show your friends!! They’ll love it!!