4 Reasons to Choose Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue

If you’re thinking of adopting a dog, this is the place for you. Adopting dogs can not only save their lives and reduce the amount of animals in shelters, but can also be beneficial for your health. For example, having pets can reduce blood pressure, relieve loneliness, and more!

Adopting pets is better than buying them, and Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue is the best place for dog adoptions in Southern California. Find out more!

A little girl lying on a fuzzy rug with two golden retriever puppies.

We Work Hard to Get Every Dog to its Forever Home 

Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue is a well-known and reputable dog rescue that always works hard to provide dogs with a shelter where they are taken care of. We are passionate about saving these dogs from all around the country.

Our dog rescue team looks after them until we find reliable owners who can provide them with a forever home and shower them with love.

Found Homes for More Than 3200 Dogs Since 2020

We are proud to have successfully provided homes to over 3200 dogs since 2020. We believe finding the right owners is our duty and thus take reasonable consideration before finalizing each adoption. 

To get started with adopting a dog, send your application to us and we can then begin the adoption process with our team.

Two happy dogs running in a field together.
A cute corgi dog with its tongue hanging out laying in the grass.

Giving Back to Dogs in Need

At Wagmor Pets, we are made up of a passionate team that loves dogs. If a dog needs our help, we go above and beyond to help them and provide the care they need. 

If you are someone who has a passion for dogs just like us, you can reach out to us and help these dogs find their place either through adoption or by donating.

Specializes in Rescue, Rehab, and Rehoming

Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue believes in promoting dog well-being, whether that’s through rescuing, rehabbing, or rehoming a dog. 

Stray dogs can get hurt and killed when left unsheltered and alone, which is why it's our mission to help them thrive and live happily! Our team specializes in the rescue, rehab, and rehoming. In addition, we are experts in providing training to these dogs. 

Our team carefully inspects the applications for adoptions and adopts out dogs to only responsible and caring people.

A dog holding out it’s paw to a trainer outside.

Visit Our Dog Rescue in Southern California

 If you are looking to add a dog to your family, we provide dogs for adoption who are trained, well-nourished, and in need of a loving home. Reach out to our team for further information or send in your adoption applications. You can also donate to our dog rescue or contact us to start the adoption process!