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"Patient, Knowledgable, and Supportive!"

"We adopted Farley back in March as first time dog owners. Melissa was so patient, knowledgable and supportive! She helped us choose everything we need and replied to my constant emails whenever I wanted advice. She made our adoption experience a seamless one and helped us find the best friend we could ask for! She is an angel to these dogs!"

-Jill G.

"Best Decision I've Made in Years"

"Melissa, Faith and Tana were so kind and helpful. I found my happy place when they brought out ‘Duffy’. Please don’t just look at the dogs that lick you and roll over to let you scratch their tummy’s.. Duffy came out with his tail between his legs and his head low and wouldn’t even look at me .. I sat on the floor for an hour and a half and took him for a walk....scratched him.. pet him.. put him in my lap..talked to him .. little kids ( 3 or 4 under the age of 4) were all over him and he never flinched . After they left he laid down next to me - I put my hand on his paw and he licked my hand . I looked up at the girls and said, ‘how much do i owe you’ .. he’s such a happy guy and 4 years old - not a puppy . Best decision I’ve made in years and the girls were so supportive . ♥️"

-Candy M. S.

"Best Experience at Wagmor"

"We had the best experience at Wagmor pets because of Valentina. She spent time talking to me, answering questions, and providing guidance regarding our beautiful puppy Sazuka. When we picked her up, the other employees were kind and helpful. Britney did give us the wrong address for pick-up, but it all worked out. Give Valentina a raise, please! We did pay 850, but Sazuka was worth it!"

-Ashley S.